I like to art.

QUESTION ME.   Submit   I'm Pepper and this is my art blog. By art I probably mean doodles, sketches, and other such nonsense.
I also have a MS PAINT DUMP BLOG,, a PERSONAL/REBLOGS BLOG, a WEASYL, and DEVIANTART (though i might not be there forever?).
ALSO, YouTube <3

Have fun.

Tags that matter:
#anthro (Jinxes are included in this tag)
#human or things that look remotely human
#ferals or animals
#beasts or out of the ordinary cretaures
#pokemon (more to come in the future most likely)
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look a virtual tip jar ^

think happy thoughts and by happy i mean gay. think gay thoughts

think happy thoughts and by happy i mean gay. think gay thoughts

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i’d get better quality if i took these pictures with a potato but

i took some shots of a meganium i drew before i murder it by attempting to color it. wish me luck (and RIP meganium probably)

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lizard--pocket asked: Your MS paint tutorial is a life saver. I never knew I could use scanned sketches. Thanks so much for making that ;u; Also, your art is the bomb! I cant wait to see more!


fffffft YOU’RE VERY WELCOME, i’m happy to spread the knowledge, and also thank you so much!! i can’t wait to make more :D

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in 2009 i used to make these little negima!? suka pixel icons in paint and animate them

(via mspoop)

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i doodled my two lady brelooms

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dadrielle asked: multiples of 6


6. What’s your least favorite thing to draw?

nnnn, probably mechanical parts or weaponry. i suuuck and need to study so i tend to avoid that kind of thing in general

honorable mentions include humanoid legs and feet (though sometimes i’ll accidentally draw a REALLY NICE FOOT OR TWO and be proud as fuck), and wings ;( and of course backgrounds THEY ARE EVIL

12. Is it okay for people to ask you about your process?

ABSOLUTELY i love being able to give people a little peek if they’re interested. i’m not secretive about my steps or brush settings or art program tricks at all, in fact it delights me when people want to know

18. What are you currently trying to improve on

well CURRENTLY i’m trying to draw at all (cry)

but i think my constant battle is anatomy + action. I’LL GET YOU SOMEDAY

24. Do you feel jealous when you see other people’s art, or inspired? (Be honest!)

in all honesty, i get REALLY INSPIRED. i used to get pretty jealous in the past, but once i realized that wasn’t getting me anywhere, i let myself sit back and realize ‘THIS IS THEIR ART I HAVE MINE’ and ‘THEIR ART IS GOOD so i should work on mine till it is, too!’ i get sad when people see art and get so jealous they shut down and give up. if i start to feel even a TWINGE of artist jealousy, i transform that into COMPETITIVENESS which i classify as inspiration, and i think others should do the same! don’t feel empty jealousy, feel worthwhile jealousy

30. What inspires you to not just make art, but to be a better artist?


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