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My roo ladies, Bina and Portia. :D

Most of you guys haven’t seen Portia yet, but there she is. I first designed her on Jan. 9th and only just now fleshed out most of her traits.

As a character, she’s the competitive type, as well as obsessive and with a large appetite for sexual attention, making her my only really sexual roo in canon (as opposed to clueless Balbina, chill Michelangelo, and reclusive Spix). She often has an angry disposition, and also very much the vengeful type. If she finds herself emotionally connected to a lover (this connection usually occurs towards male lovers), she has a hard time controlling her overbearing nature. When the male lover leaves her, she gets violent towards him, usually out of frustration with herself (since she knows it’s her fault he left). She’s the kind of ex-lover people tend to avoid. She’s capable of maintaining purely physical relationships with female lovers for the sake of good sex, and though she enjoys herself, she usually doesn’t feel much of a loss when parting ways with them. Because of her less fearsome nature towards females, she has a quite a few female friends-with-benefits for the sake of sexual enjoyment and blowing off steam. Towards both sexes, she’s rather aggressive and dominant lover.

Outside of the world of love, she is usually abrasive and rather dark. However, she is capable of being well-mannered and knows when to tone down her dark nature and sense of humor.

When people manage to overlook her personality flaws and befriend her, they are rewarded with a violently protective friend.

She’s athletic, speed being her strong-suit, and likes blowing off steam by racing. She’s also a decent kickboxer.

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